My Profile and Portfolio

Summit Games Entertainment is a game development software services provider being managed by Sumit Jain. They work with several companies in India on project basis.

Sumit Jain works on Game Development and 3D VR, AR and Device controller applications and development for all other gaming consoles platform.

Sumit Jain is a Msc. CS post graduate and a phd as a data scientist seeker. he is  a professional game and application developer for various platforms and also manage the entire software project.

Sumit Jain is a firm believer of the SDLC as Game Development Life Cycle (look portfolio link for the information on GDLC) and work with responsibility and ethics coordinating with the companies and delivery of the project or project modules.

Experience related to Game Development
Unity 3D Engine.
Unreal Engine.
Cocos 2D
Flash AS 3
Game maker Studio

Expert in documentation as a technical writer involving everything in a Game Development Life Cycle.
1>Functional Requirement Document
2>Technical Specification Document
3>System Requirements Specification
4>UI Design Document
5>Project Design Document
6>System Test Cases & Test Plans
7>User Acceptance Testing
8>Defect Track Log
9> Project Reporting Document & Meeting Minutes
10> Release Notes & Support Document

Summit Games Entertainment also conducts workshops & hackathon. We cover everything related to Game architecture and Programming.

We work for in-house game studios on contract in India and overseas.

We manage the entire software project management involving the process from scratch to the delivery and support of the project. I am a firm follower of Game Development Life Cycle.

We also manage UI Design, Database Design, Technical 3D, 2D assets design, and entire project architecture as a whole to develop, build and deploy applications on the specified platforms.


LinkedIn profile:

Please Skype me on  “summitsolanki” or direct call on +91-9967636333.


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