Tutorial: Setting-up game development Environment

How to set up game development environment for native and non-native(game engine installation) environment. Every game developer goes through the tedious process of setting up their development environment. So let’s look at some of the tools necessary to set up our game development environment.

Development of Mac or Unix(Linux) or on Windows. The process of installation differs but the tools remains the same.

The Process below is the installation of the tools on Windows environment.

1> Please keep your OS updated with the windows updates.

2> Install Visual Studio 2013 or 2015. Installation of VS2013. Please do remember to tick mobile VS as well to build windows phone builds on Unreal , Unity or Cocos2D.

3> Download and extract the latest android-sdk bundle. Extract possibly in your Main Windows drive installed and give an environment variable path. The Variable name: “ANDROID_SDK_ROOT” and variable path is where you have installed your android sdk. for eg: “C:\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20140702\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20140702\sdk”

4> Download and install Unity which is a very simple process.

5> Download and install Unreal Engine. A launcher will be downloaded and a path for further engine download will be required to confirm. once confirmed install Unreal Engine from its IDK.

6> Download and install python.(this is required for installation of cocos2d set.py file) and also required for scripting in for any other IDK.

6> Download and Install or extract Cocos2D and also Cocos2D IDE.Set up their environment label of cocos 2d is also very important for the project to execute on command line. Environment variables which are a) “ANT_ROOT”,  b) “COCOS_CONSOLE_ROOT”, c) “COCOS_TEMPLATES_ROOT” and d) NDK_ROOT

7> Download and install Java jdk version 7 or above. Also add an environment variable as “JAVA_HOME”

8>Download and install any editor like notepad++.

9> Setting up your environment variables is very important to execute and build your game.


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